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National Association of Podcasters

The National Association of Podcasters is a place for Podcasters and Vloggers to share and shape a collective voice. Our goal is to become effective advocacy in support of freedom of the internet and speech.

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Podcasting Freedom & New Media

While in Afghanistan as a Civil Affairs Officer, Bill Conrad worked alongside social scientists and anthropologists which lead him to create oral histories and later to podcasting. Then seeing that there was no national association for podcasters and vloggers, the concept of the National Association of Podcasters was born.

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Why Malcolm Gladwell Perfers to Podcast

About Us

We are the National Association of Podcasters and our goal is to be the largest trade association in North America involving all aspects of podcasting and vlogging for both hobby and commercial advocacy. We also offer a suite of beginner course on podcasting.

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Political Advocacy

The National Association of Podcasters advocates on behalf of our members. NAOP goal is to become an effective advocacy in support of freedom of the internet and of speech.  We also work with local meetup groups to provide a wide variety of resources to foster podcasting and vlogging.

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Our Services

Webinars, national conferences, education/training, and advocacy.

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National Confrence

Our first national conference will be scheduled for late 2018 in Reno, Nevada. It will be on a Saturday and consist of a breakfast close with dinner with a keynote speaker with workshops during the day. The cost will run around $97 dollars for early registration. If you are interested in speaking please go to….

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